Quotations are valid for 7 working days from the date of the quotation and on acceptance of said quotation an invoice will be generated whereby a 50% non-refundable payment is required payable via BACS to:-

Utopia Festivals Limited – (bank details provided as per invoice) to secure your hire requirements (unless prior arrangements with Utopia Festivals Ltd has been agreed).  Remainder of the balance will then be due (cleared funds) within full 21 days before the event date.

New Customers. As of 2024 any new customers will be subject to a company/insurance check and also full payment will be due 48 hours before any delivery is to take place. Any additional requirements for same order (after initial bookings), full payment will also be required prior to delivery.  Utopia Festivals will not provide any additional kit on-site until full and cleared payments are made.  Hired-In Plant Insurance is to be provided by you the customer at time of booking. If this is not possible, Utopia Festivals will be able to offer this HIP at 17.5% of total invoice value on Utopia Festivals own equipment.  Any cross-hired in kit, e.g. lighting sets or telehandlers a charge of 20% of total invoice value will be added subject to Utopia Festivals providing fencing to secure the site.  There will be an excess payment due to each individual site application.

Any damages whilst in the possession of the hirer. All damage costs will be incurred by the hirer at 10% of the cost value or replacement value whichever is the greater.  Utopia Festivals Ltd will inspect goods received and issue a further damage invoice to recover the damage costs.  This will be within 7 days of the Utopia Festivals Ltd receiving the equipment off-hire.  Picnic Benches/Umbrellas – Any damage(s) to picnic benches/umbrellas in way of tears, mechanical misuse, burn marks, graffiti, carving and any other damage which may lead to our company not being able to rehire this equipment will incur a damage cost of 50% cost value to be paid in full immediately of the damage(s) being reported either by the hirer and/or by Utopia Festivals Ltd with verbal confirmation to the hiring company and/or proof of damage in way of photos taken at the time of collection and these sent via email by ourselves to you the hirer. Flagpole arms and extensions – this equipment is bespoke to Utopia Festivals Ltd and any damage(s)/loss to this item in its entirety will be chargeable to the hirer upon receiving a quotation from our manufacturer for replacement parts etc.

Dry-hire.  As a company we expect all crowd barriers/blocks to be banded with correct strength banding (polypropylene banding only) and ready for collection.  If a banding machine and polypropylene is required by the customer, then this will be an additional hire charge from us to ensure our equipment is ready for suitable travel and returned to Utopia Festivals Ltd on the date of collection.  AS A COMPANY UTOPIA FESTIVALS LTD WILL ALWAYS COMPLY WITH LATEST SAFE LOADING AND TRANSPORTATION OF EQUIPMENT.

If any of our fencing/flagpole equipment arrives on stillages with ratchet straps it is the responsibility of the hirer to safeguard the ratchet straps and stillages to prevent any loss.  If any losses of equipment do incur, then these are chargeable at 100% cost for replacement.

Monies outstanding beyond the due date. Any account outstanding beyond the due date shown attached will be passed out to the hands of Legal Enforcement and will be subject to a surcharge of 10% or £100 whichever is the greatest cost.  Such accounts will also be subject to any other costs incurred in obtaining settlement.

Interest Charges on outstanding accounts. Interest will be charged at 5% daily on any sums outstanding from the date when the same becomes due to the date of actual payment.  The Company reserves the right to vary the rate of interest charged.

Cancellation Charges. In the eventually of any event being cancelled within the 30 days of event date, Utopia Festivals Limited have the right to charge a cancellation charge of 50% or of the amount totalling kit hired and other service charges that may be incurred by Utopia Festivals Ltd i.e., third party transport and labour charges.  If the event is cancelled within 14 days, then a 75% cancellation fee will apply off the total invoice.  If the event is cancelled due to COVID and this can be proven, then Utopia Festivals Ltd will honour a rearranged date which will be suitable for both parties. If the event is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions within 7 days of the event date Utopia Festivals Ltd have the right to carry your deposit or full payment (whichever has been paid) over to a future date that suits both parties.

Retention of Title. All goods and service/repair parts will remain the property of Utopia Festivals Ltd until the price has been paid in full and their customers shall remain a bailee only until payment is made.

Complaints. Any complaints by the customer relates to the invoice must be notified by the customer to Utopia Festivals Ltd in writing within 7 days of the date of the invoice.

Transport Costs.  Due to the current climate of fuel charges – transport costs are subject to change and will be revised nearer the event date/completion, and therefore, if necessary, you will be advised of any changes, no later than 14 days prior to the event.

Waiting Time.  Utopia Festivals Ltd will confirm a delivery/collection time with the hirer at the time of invoicing; the first 1 hour is within collection time limit.  However, any waiting time after this will be chargeable at £78.00 per hour; past the first hour Utopia Festivals Ltd arrive on site.

Customer Services

Should you wish to contact us, please write, email, or call

Customer Services, UTOPIA FESTIVALS LIMITED, 25a Mercia Drive, Willington, DE65 6DA or info@utopiafestivals.co.uk